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[K-ETA] FAQ about Korea Mobile Phone (Cell phone)


Q Please tell me where I can get portable WIFI


After arriving at the airport in Korea, visit the store and present your reservation number to open.
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● Incheon International Airport - Passenger Terminal 1 / 1st floor - 'Arrival Hall'

Numbers 6 and 7 on the 1st floor. ,9-10/Return is in front of counter H on the 3rd floor

Opening Hours - Between Gates 10 and 11: 24 hours

Between Gates 6 and 7: 1:00pm - 10:00pm


● Incheon International Airport - Passenger Terminal 2 / 1st floor - 'Arrival Hall'

1st floor between 4~5pm / LG U+ return in front of Paris Paget on 3rd floor

Opening hours - 24 hours


● Gimpo International Airport - Near Gate 1 on the 1st floor of International Flights

Operating hours - 6:30 am - 11:00 pm


● Gimhae International Airport - Near Gate 3 on the 1st floor

Operating hours - 6:30 am - 10:00 pm





Q Please let me know if a refund is possible if I cancel my mobile reservation.


yes. In case of cancellation, the payment amount will be refunded within 15 days according to the card company's policy. I hope it will be of help







Q I wonder if esim can be moved to another device


Downloaded eSIMs cannot be moved to another device. Please know this







Q Please tell me what the data transfer rate is


High-Speed Internet - 4G/LTE network technology provides 10 times faster Internet speed than 3G, with maximum download speeds of up to 50mbps.






Q What are the advantages of mobile Wi-Fi?


- LTE speed data is available anywhere in the country.


- One mobile Wi-Fi can be used simultaneously by multiple people.








Q How can I get mobile SIM service for travelers?



You can add USIM service on the K-ETA website.


If you apply for k-eta and sign up, you can get a 15% discount. Please know this


Enter the desired date and time at the hotel or address listed on the application, and a staff member will visit and open the service.






Q Please let me know which devices support eSIM.



APPLE (Apple): iPhone XR/XS, iPhone 11,12,13,14 series, iPhone SE 2, etc.


SAMSUNG (Samsung): Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Flip, etc.


Others: Huawei P40, etc.



Check your phone manufacturer's information to see if eSIM is supported for recently released devices not listed above.





Q Please tell me how to set eSIM




1. Settings - Cellular


2. Add a cellular plan


3. Reading the QR code


4. Add a Cellular Plan






1. Settings


2. Connect


3. SIM card management


4. Add mobile plan


5. Using the QR code


6. Reading the QR code






Q How many can I purchase per person?


The maximum number of purchases per passport is 3.






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